Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Nail Art Society Box!

January Bag!

The goodies!!!!!
Check out after the jump for individual pictures and my thoughts!

You can find them on: FacebookTwitterYoutubePinterest, and Pheed! This is their official site!

Layla Magneffect in the color Silver Galaxy!
OMG! This alone cost more than I paid for the monthly box! YAY!

Cherimoya Nailed It! Nail Art Pen in Black.
This is so awesome and easy to use!

This was hard to capture alone.  It is a star container with little rhinestone accents in it! I also got a pair of tweezers that are pictured in the main picture for them that are a true lifesaver for working with all the nail art I have!

OMG you guys! This bag was valued probably 3 times what I paid for it! This was only my 2nd bag.  I can't wait to see what comes.  I am thinking of canceling other subscriptions I have because this is more of what I am focusing on rather than make up etc.

Nail Art Society is currently invite only so go here to input your e-mail so you can get your invite!

You can find them on facebooktwitteryoutubepinterest, and pheed

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