Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nail Art Society's October Box!

A Night at the Opera!

Cinnamon Kiss
I love this color! It's a great fall color and one of my favs! perfect for this kit!

Ad*ro Elements Crystal Rounds
So coool! these are wonderful to be able to place around to add a lil bling to any mani!

Ad*ro Precious  Tear Drop Crystals 
These work awesome for making flowers!

Cala 3D Nail Art Halloween Style! 
These are so awesome! Easy to place and so perfect for skeery mani/pedi's!

Cala 3D Nail Art Decoration Royal Style! 
Look at these cool crowns, lions, etc. perfect for a royal mani/pedi!

Gold Leaf!!!!!!! 
Perfect to lay down randomly and make your mani/pedi look even richer!

Silver Leaf! 
Same with the gold! Adds more class to your mani/pedi!

This was one of my more fun boxes to get because it can really make your manicures look so much more classy/ ritzy/ etc. without having to go out and pay the high prices for it! This was a great box! I can't wait to see what they do next!

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