Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection pre-sale discount!

Cult Fairy Tale Collection Pre-Sale Event  --  Now thru June 2, 2012
Order the Collection Here and Save $10.00
Cult Fairy Tale Collection
Order yours today to save 20%

The Cult Fairy Tale Collection includes:

Princess (shown at right)
Evil Queen
Feelin' Froggy
Happy Ending
Image 1
CLICK HERE to see swatches of the Collection on Maria's Blog!      #jointhecult

~~I am so far into this cult it ain't even funny! I ordered.... will you? What colors are you loving? what color do you think will turn into  THE color of the collection... the must have?~~

Ask Tips for Toes Toenail Challenge Week 2 update!

While I felt like crap this week I kept up fairly well with the challenge.  My pinky toes are the most noticeable in change especially the right one!  Both feet are looking almost ready to feel comfy and not self conscious of them if I wear opened toed shoes!  I can't wait til I can start painting them again!  They are much softer than they used to be and easy to trim when needed!  I am loving this!  Anyone else doing the challenge? If so leave your blog in the comments for others to check out your progress!

Pictures after the jump to be nice to those who might not want to see extreme toe close ups!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cult Nails Fairy Tale Collection Pre-sale Event

The Cult Fairy Tale Collection
Pre-Sale Event  May 26 - June 2, 2012
From May 26 - June 2, 2012, Cult Nails will be offering the Cult Fairy Tale Collection, 5 new shades, for the discounted price of $40.00 (plus shipping and handling).  The collection includes Princess, Feelin' Froggy, Evil Queen, Charming, and Happy Ending.  A detailed description of each color, along with swatches, can be seen on Maria's blog (here)!

Each bottle is 0.5 fl. oz. / 15 mL  and normally retails for $10.00 each.  
321-574-8939 |

Limited Edition Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox

Anyone reading this seen this yet or get your hands on it?  If not, stay tuned because I'm giving a set of them away!!!!!  I got a really good deal on mine on Birchbox and then ended up with more points that helped me get the same great deal for a second set I thought I'd get for my subscribers!  

The card that comes with the collection reads:

Birchbox and Zoya teamed up with top beauty bloggers to create these custom polishes.  Each blogger designed a mood board based on her favorite spring/summer color, and then we asked our Facebook fans to pick the top 3 boards to complete the Zoya Blogger Collection.  You'll wear these on-trend shades all season.  Apply one coat of this buildable jelly formula for a wash of color or layer on for a pop of color!

Interestingly enough, I just went to Birchbox and Zoya to see what they were describing them as and the first instinct when I saw the colors is how they described them!You can click on the picture above to find the collection on Birchbox for $22. You can click the bottle of each to go to the respective blogs! All pictures are taken with my Nikon D80 outside then inside with the bottle and the thumb outside. 


Coraline by Eleventh Gorgeous

 Zoya Coraline is created by Eleventh Gorgeous! It is described as a warm juicy tangerine.  That's exactly what came to mind when I saw it! love this! 

Kate by The Small Things


Zoya Kate is created by The Small Things and is described as a pinkish grapefruit and that is totally what came to my mind too! I was floored that I had come up with fruits for what to compare it to and they ended up being what was intended for! Guess that means they got it right!

Belle by Capital Hill Style

Zoya Belle is created by Capital Hill Style and is described as a coppery pink which features microscopic bits of iridescent glitter.  Now, when I saw this, I had come up with a fruit for this too!  Watermelon anyone? I'm loving this color!

I did all swatches using Orly's Daylight as a base. and now I'm guessing you want to know about the giveaway!  after the jump!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ke$ha V Magazine Shoot Plus Free Gift With Purchase -3 days only

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May 2012 issue d

Free Hello Kitty Tote Bag with Purchase + New Supercute Japan Exclusive Watches and More!

- Large tote is 14"H x 21"W x 6"D
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Free Large Hello Kitty Tote With Any $75 Purchase

                New Japan Exclusive Watches - Each Comes With A Limited Edition Collectible Cosmetic Pouch 
       New Japan Exclusive Watches - Each Comes With A Limited Edition Collectible Cosmetic Pouch                   
                     Hello Kitty Red Stripes Collection Features Bags, Totes, Wallets and More
       Hello Kitty Red Stripes Collection Features Bags, Totes, Wallets and More
                        Hello Kitty Grey Dots Collection Features Bags, Totes, Wallets and More
       Hello Kitty Grey Dots Collection Features Bags, Totes, Wallets and More
              Hello Kitty Tie-Dye Collection Features Bags And Accessories Accented With Stars                   
       Hello Kitty Tie-Dye Collection Features Bags And Accessories Accented With Stars
Please excuse the execution of this post! Hello kitty is Hello kitty!

May Birch Box

The Goodies!
Opening Note
What's in the box
Gossip Girl Sweepstakes!
Atelier Cologne
Color Club Disco Nap
Waterfuse BB Cream
Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment 
The Extra in the box!

I have to say I was thrilled to get this box! There is so much in it I will use and I know I can give what I don't to friends.  I ended up ordering regular sizes for the Color Club but in pink... gonna get the gold too :) I also already ordered a bunch of the twistbands! You can find out what else was available and shop with the permanent link on the left side of my blog!  I think I might even order more note cards!  oh and a post card came with the cologne!

 What do you guys think?  anything you must have from it??

Recent haul Pix!

So I don't usually show my acquires because it changes daily right now!  so I thought I'd get a bunch together from the last week and snap a photo for ya!

So we have some Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, Illamasqua, ELF, Sinful Colors, Color Club, Sally Hansen, Models Own, Bootie Babe, the Zoya/ Birch Box LE Blogger Trio (stay tuned for a review on this and giveaway!) Some Impress nails, some Kiss Nail Artist Metallic and 3D charms.

All of these were acquired via MAJOR sales.  I got the 6 Deborah Lippmann's off HSN for $40! Illamasqua recently had a 3 day sale go on.  I bought some I didn't realize I had so the extras will go in my soon to be put up blog sale! I even got the LE Blogger trio's for $12 and free shipping!  I try and post on my blog anytime I find a deal for others.  Check your local pharmacies like Walgreens, Eckerd, Rite Aide, etc. as they are getting ride of stock!

So, I will be doing a review and giveaway on the LE Blogger trio, a design using the Sinful Colors from their Neon Collection that just came in, review the May Birch Box, review the May MyGlam, etc.

What are your must haves?  anything you are itching to buy?  My husband has told me to quit spending money... except he sent me to walmart last night for sprite and cough drops.....his fault a bunch of polishes dropped in my basket *whistles innocently* and that some are going to someone else *whistles innocently*

Happy Tuesday! I'm feelin a bit better but am not out of the woods yet.  Now my husband has something! ARGH! it never ends! good thing he sleeps upstairs (our bed is broken on one side so I lay on unbroken side as it is a sleep # and best for me) so hopefully we can keep this from coming back to me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ask Tips for Toes Challenge Week 1 update

So, I've been seriously ill all week which is why pretty much no posts. I did get pix yesterday of my toes for the week 1 update so without further adieu I give you the write up and after the jump updated photos!  Yes, I was wearing sandals :)

While I've not been able to be as vigilant as I should be with the tips for toes, I have really noticed a difference even in 1 week! My nails are much softer appearing and the pinky toes are starting to lightening in color to a more natural color! The skin conditioner has really softened my skin around the nails as well!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


glossy box is coming to the USA!  click this link for a chance to win May's box: Glossy Box May Contest

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finger Paints Summer in the City Collection!

Just in time for your Memorial Day pedicure, Sally Beauty introduces the new FingerPaints Summer in the City collection for summer 2012. The collection features 6 hot new shades that will be sure to wow this season!

Show off your bare feet with:

Beach Bound (Purple)

Flip Flop (Fuchsia)

Late Night Rendezvous (Blue Shimmer)
 Movie in the Park (Purple Shimmer)
 Sexy Sundress (Yellow)
 To-teally Hot (Teal)

FingerPaints are sold separately for $4.99 and are available exclusively at