Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ask Tips for Toes Challenge Week 1 update

So, I've been seriously ill all week which is why pretty much no posts. I did get pix yesterday of my toes for the week 1 update so without further adieu I give you the write up and after the jump updated photos!  Yes, I was wearing sandals :)

While I've not been able to be as vigilant as I should be with the tips for toes, I have really noticed a difference even in 1 week! My nails are much softer appearing and the pinky toes are starting to lightening in color to a more natural color! The skin conditioner has really softened my skin around the nails as well!

Both 05/18/2012
Right 05/18/2012
Left 05/18/2012


  1. Oh my gosh, I hope you get better very soon!!!! *Hugs!*

  2. thanks so much! It's been a hard road with 103 degree fever, etc. but we think we have figured out other than anemia what's going on and hopefully can work to correct it.