Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ask Tips for Toes Toenail Challenge Week 2 update!

While I felt like crap this week I kept up fairly well with the challenge.  My pinky toes are the most noticeable in change especially the right one!  Both feet are looking almost ready to feel comfy and not self conscious of them if I wear opened toed shoes!  I can't wait til I can start painting them again!  They are much softer than they used to be and easy to trim when needed!  I am loving this!  Anyone else doing the challenge? If so leave your blog in the comments for others to check out your progress!

Pictures after the jump to be nice to those who might not want to see extreme toe close ups!

Both 05/27/2012 
Right 05/27/2012
 Left 05/27/2012

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