Wednesday, July 18, 2018


My Polishcon Giveaway is finally coming!

Look after the jump for the full list for each winner!

*DMs or comments asking to win will disqualify.
 *Winners will b emailed, then announced. 
*Don't DM asking or b disqualified. 
*Picked by Rafflecopter after all disqualified entries booted out and will be video'd.
*Ends midnight 07/25/2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


So y'all will notice I've been tinkering around with my blog as I am reworking the way I want to do things. I'm finally able to get around to doing these things! I've changed my wishlist page to reflect the way the new way things are done in this day and age! :) I also wanted to let people know about the summer editors box for #fabfitfun available right now! you can click the link in the side and use the code EPIC for $10 off! They are so worth it! The companies they are partnering with coming up are amazeballs! Keep your eyes open as well for my giveaway coming up on Instagram etc. from Polishcon!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

My own Orly bottle of Polish!

So for those that don't know, Orly did a contest the entire month of June on Fridays on Instagram. You had to follow them and each Friday they would pick 25 people and those people would get their own personally mixed bottle of polish! I won the 2nd week!

Basically, they would let the winners know on Saturday and then on Monday we would get a code to go look at a bunch of like motivation boards to give us ideas of what we liked as far as colors, textures etc. to give them their formula for their recipe for our color. We had to answer like 10 questions and then the following Wednesday they would go live on Facebook and mix our colors live! They would give us a text heads up when ours was about to be mixed so we could watch it if we wanted to.

Not only did I watch mine, but my husband and mother in law did too! I love how they packed it with the purple packing material! They were super sweet especially after hearing the story behind my color choice and name. check out after the jump for the story and pix of it on my toes!