Disclaimer/ Contact Me

Anything I post is my own opinion.  If there is a guest blog that is there opinion that I may or may not agree with. Nothing thus far has been sent to me by companies.  I have bought everything I own or won them in Giveaways.  If I do receive things from companies for review I will put that in the review. I will not cater my opinion on something received to make them look better because I received the stuff, I will give my true thoughts.  Not everything sent to me may be reviewed, some may be given away with no review to someone else that might want to review it.  I have no sense of smell so I guarantee anything sent with the intent of trying to entice me via the sense of smell will lose out. I broke my nose when I was 7 years old in a sledding accident that sliced my sensory gland.  So no, I'm not kidding when I say I have no sense of smell.

So if you feel like sending things please keep all this in mind!  Thanks!

If you would like to contact me or send things:

you can pm me on facebook or you can e-mail jeannetutt.@.gmail.com (remove the .'s around the @. it's to prevent spam bots).