Monday, January 14, 2013

Nail Art Society December Package

Nail Art Society is a new monthly subscription package that costs $19.95 a month.  They send you a selection of polish and accessories to play with and make kewl mani/pedis! 

This month everything was around the company Cherimoya!

This is a silver by Matte-n-a- called blockbuster!

This is a purple actually by Matte-n-a- called Mystery!

Polish Remover Pads!

Bling by Stella for the nails!

Glue for the bling!

As those of you following my blog know, Since November 1 I have not been able to do anything nail wise!  I had abdominal surgery that day and then 4 weeks later was cleared to get back to my regular routine. Literally 1 week later I was going downstairs to pick up a bottle of polish I had sold on e-bay and long story short is I fell down the stairs and ended up with both feet in boots and a wheelchair up until this weekend.  I am slowly getting back to my routine but because both ankles were sprained so badly I'm going to have to do PT to get them back to what they were prior to the fall.  When I am able to do something with this I will add the pictures to this!

You can find The Nail Art Society on FacebookTwitter, Youtube, and Pinterest!  Definitely check em out!

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