Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2012 Top 5 brands of Polish!

In No Particular Order!

It was hard enough to cut this down to 5 so ranking them wasn't gonna happen! I chose these 5 because they were the ones I bought the most from this year :) You can clink on their names to go check them out and get as addicted to them as I am!

I have been a huge Zoya fan for years.  People who read this blog or know me, know this VERY well :)  Their polishes are always desirable and drool worthy! They are always ahead of the curve with their collections each season, they go on with ease, and they last forever! Well, it seems like forever ;)

I have ALMOST every single color they have released thus far.  I haven't swatched them all but am close to it! Her daughter Coco even got in on it this year and for her birthday she released her own collection Untamed which I did swatch and review.

This line is fabulous! While she has a smaller amount of released polishes, the ones she does have are so amazing she doesn't NEED to release a lot of collections! Adina is an amazing creator! She has done 4 collections that are so amazing! I wish I could get all of them and I know eventually I shall! They come from the UK but it is soooo worth it!

This is another UK line that I got a bunch of this year :) This line is available in Sephora in the US and you can order online.  The formula they use makes the polish go on very smoothly with just 1 to 2 coats. They also do makeup and are currently in the middle of a 70% off on certain lines right now.

Deborah collaborates with celebrities for some of her polishes and is the only higher end polishes I will actually pay more for!  I couldn't help myself when I saw several very good deals during the year. If there is only one line you could splurge on this would be it!

So these are my top 5, what are y'alls?  What do you think?  What are your must haves in your collection?  I will be starting back up with swatching here shortly.  I had hernia surgery on 11/01/2012 and once cleared a month later to resume life regularly, I fell down my stairs and now have both feet in boots. I'm stuck to a wheelchair for mobility.  My studio is downstairs so I'll have to have my husband bring some stuff up so I can do things upstairs for now. I also have a lot of beauty box reviews coming up including a giveaway so keep your eyes peeled!

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