Saturday, January 12, 2013

Coffee Lovers Cravebox!

Coffee Lovers Cravebox!

Inside the box! 
Check after the jump for individual pictures and my thoughts!

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The timing for this box couldn't have been more perfect since my inlaws got us the special attachment for our Keurig machine to let us buy in bulk and still do a cup at a time!  I miss Seattle so this brings me back there!

Torani-Live With The Flavor!
My mom used this all the time when we lived out in Seattle and still does! I love this flavor and the fact it is sugar free!

Can be found on Twitter
Great mix of flavor and the high fiber is great to give energy!

Almond- the best seller
Cranberry Blueberry Almond and Oats
These are 100 calories and 100% whole grain cookie!
OMG! So good I can see why things sell quickly!

All in all, for a coffee lover it's right on!  You can click the link above to find Cravebox or there is a link on my left sidebar!  You can find them on FacebookYoutube, and Twitter!

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