Friday, September 20, 2013

Nail Art Society's August Bag!

hey hey hey! they are back!

Check out after the jump for individual pictures and my thoughts!

You can find them on: FacebookTwitterYoutubePinterest, and Pheed! This is their official site!

Cala Butterfly Nail Decals
LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!

 Cala Silver Nail Decals

Orly Crisp White 
this truly is a crisp white and is really easy to clean up!

Orly Jet Black
This really is a deep crisp back!

Orly Platinum
Love this silver!

Orly True Blue
This is a beautiful Blue!

Now, I mentioned a giveaway and great customer service before the jump yeah? When I got mine, the polish bottles hadn't been put in bubble wrap and the black one's cap had turned a turn or two loose and spilled a little over a few of the bottles and I didn't realize it.  I finally realized it when it was on my hand and a few other things.  Fortunately as you can see in the pictures, these are water based so they are EASY to clean up and with soap and water it came off easily.

I e-mailed the customer service just simply to let them know it had happened since I knew they had just revamped things I wanted to make sure their quality control was as awesome as it had been etc. On a Memorial Day they called me back and said that not only were they going to replace my bag, they were going to send me a second one to use as a giveaway for my blog! That giveaway will go live at midnight!!!! I told them I really didn't need 2 as the other washed off and cleaned up just fine but they insisted so since my sister in law just had a baby I sent it to her as a pamper her gift :)

If you haven't signed up with NAS yet WHY NOT? it is totally worth it! Their customer service unlike other programs I have tried totally go above and beyond! This contest will be until midnight on the 28th and is open to followers prior to today.  Also only open to US and Canada.  Get your giveaway fingers ready!!!

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