Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nail Art Society's March Box!

The March Bag!

 This is the haul! Check after the jump to see individual pictures etc.!

Instant Mani Nail decals by nail fraud!
I haven't done anything like this yet so I really look forward to it!

"Caviar Eggs" in opalescent orange
I have never done a "Caviar" mani and had just been pondering doing one so I was excited when I saw this!

3D Floral decals
These would be gorgeous for the spring or those in a wedding etc.

3D fimo Floral slices
very cool and fun to play with!

Regular Fimo Slices
thin sliced fruit looking slices!

Green Fine Dust
Dust to dip your finger in our sprinkle over!

All in all I love this! so excited to try everything out! 
As always you can find the Nail Art Society here.  They are taking e-mails for now for when they relaunch the site!  go now and take advantage of the rate while you can!

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