Monday, March 25, 2013

Secret Giveaway

So, I told y'all to pay attention because at any time I would do a giveaway.  You must be a follower and unfortunately due to the new changes to the shipping situation outside the US and Canada I can only include the US and Canada.

I recently did a poll on this blog and it was actually a secret giveaway! The winner or winner's prize pack is already on it's way to them and should arrive on the 26th!  Once the prize pack or packs are received I'll let you know what the giveaway was and who won! Keep an eye out!
update: one recipient as received hers and it was Zoya's ColorCutie in Zuza! Congrats Liz Navarette!

A second recipient has received hers and it was Zoya's ColorCutie in Pippa! Congrats Patricia Medina!

The 3rd and final winner received hers and it was Zoya's ColorCutie in Glinda! Congrats Anamarie Gonzales!

So the prize pack was the ColorCutie they responded in my poll with, a Hello Kitty pencil case, Hello Kitty sticky note pad, a Hello Kitty shrinky dink type thing, and a laffy taffy in banana with cotton candy pop rocks!  All 3 were surprised and love them! I'm glad I could pull that off!

Keep your eyes peeled in the future for more flash giveaways etc.  All giveaways are open to the US and Canada only.