Friday, October 4, 2013

A surprise from Incoco!

So my husband comes in from work last night with the mail as I'm getting ready for us to go over to our neighbors for an evening of dinner. He brings in a curious box and it says it is from Incoco but I didn't order anything from them and I know he doesn't know how to get stuff from them.

When I opened the box this is what was inside:

Check out after the jump to see what was inside and why it got sent!

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Now for what was inside the box!

This was in appreciation of such a great customer... 

I got 3 full sets from the fall line! I had a field day going through the box!! I loved everthing!
I was sooo floored! It isn't even my b-day yet! It made my day! The nail clipper tool is more than just a nail clipper and is sooo awesome!

Thank you so much Incoco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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