Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nail Art Society June Box!


Check out after the jump for individual pictures and my thoughts!


This box is all about the proper Pedicure!

Loofah/pumice stone 
Starts with scrubbing both feet to get all the dead skin off! 

Nail Brush
Next the nail brush to ensure the nails are cleared of all dead skin etc.

Cuticle Stick
To make sure your cuticles are cleared away and I use it for under the nails as well. I also use it when I am ready to clean the polish off because it works well to clear away the excess at the cuticles.

To clip things as close to even as possible.

Nail File
To file the nails the rest of the way perfectly only in one direction not against the grain.

Toe Separators
So you can paint them and let them dry

Ciate Mini

Naughty or Nice
It's so funny cause I bought some during the holiday season from Sephora that were in Ornaments because I didn't have any from the brand and now I get another one!  I love these!

Confetti to add some pizzazz!

Stick to place confetti!


This is to keep the feet from drying out! add it after your all done to keep your feet all soft and smooth!

What did y'all think of this Box? I thought it was really cool! I love it! out of the box thinking out of all the ones they have done thus far!  Leave me some comments and lemme know what you do for your typical pedicures?

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