Sunday, May 15, 2016

May KitNipBox

This months theme is Nature!!

Check out after the jump to see what's inside and how my kitties loved them!

You can find the KitNip Box at their websitefacebooktwitterPinterest, and Instagram!
KitNipBox donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of animal welfare organizations each month.

Inside the Box:

Safemade Ladybug. When found in nature, your fur babies love to chase them, and this Ladybug toy will be no different. Stuffed with catnip for extra fun, this bug is purrfect!

Our cats go crazy for this! it's currently sitting on the cat bed they all use. So cute too!

Ocala Seagrass Disc. Made of all-natural fibers and complete with a feather, this colorful disc is great for gnawing, batting, and scratching!

The cats liked this so much that the feather is already gone! love the bright colors!

Think Cat! Wrestler. Bring out the inner leopard in your furry friends with this textured kicker, filled with six grams of premium catnip leaves and flowers!

OK, lemme just say, this is the most popular toy we have gotten so far. It was taken by puppy and I keep finding it all over the house and the cats fighting over it due to the high potency of the nip nip inside!

OurPets Mouse in Sheep's Clothing. Your kitties won't resist this fluffy, fleecy mouse! Watch their delight when presented with a trifecta of sound, texture, and catnip!

My cats love mice of ANY kind! When you add catnip and sound to it? you have them for quite some time!

Ocala Dragonfly Wand. The perfect balance of bounce and jingle to entice your clowder! Your kitties will dash about as though they're in a field chasing this pawesome, nippy Dragonfly.

OurPets Pyramid Scheme Toy. This was substituted in our box for those that got treats. It's a great toy that has different textures, a rattling sound, and of course catnip!

Another toy I'm not sure where it went because it was so popular! It's a great toy for younger cats but the bigger cats will get jealous and try and get in on the action!

So below I will post a few more reaction photos and 2 more videos:

Cassie can smell the catnip through the hole!!!

As usual Puppy hoards the new toys and the other two try and get them away. Cassie got the leopard kicker at least! Rascal is giving a cold shoulder.

So there you have it! What do y'all think? Anything you like? Must haves? Comment below!

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