Friday, April 15, 2016

April KitNipBox!

This months theme was all about Royalty!

Check out after the jump to see what's inside and how my kitties loved them!

You can find the KitNip Box at their websitefacebooktwitterPinterest, and Instagram!
KitNipBox donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of animal welfare organizations each month.

Inside the Box:

Handmade Royal Ring by The Vegan Cat. Their majesties' toy box will be the envy of the land with vibrant catnip-filled, handcrafted, jeweled rings!

My cats must have loved this because I can't find it! they usually hide the ones they love playing with :)

Safemade Fuzzy Fun Toys. These rattling ball toys are the cat's meow!

My cats absolutely love bell balls and the fact that the bell is slightly muted makes it easier for me to sneak around and pick them up and put them back in the toy corner without getting caught by eagle ears!

Handmade Crown by LeKiwi.  We know you treat your kitties like royalty, and what better to show that than a catnip-filled crown? Great for batting and licking, this is sure to be a favorite!

Another great fun toy I see the cats carrying around from time to time!

Ocala Keep Calm Pillow. This crinkle pillow was created to give your purr-ecious kiddos, a place to rest their royal heads!

This sits on the dog---er now cat bed and is used all the time by Puppy! We also use it in the carrier if we have to take one of the kitties somewhere.

Safemade Queen Bee. This catnip-stuffed bee toy will have your fuuriends buzzing with joy as they flip, toss, and pounce about the house at play time!

I see our kitties fighting over this from time to time! Puppy likes to hoard all the toys!

Ocala Royal Mouse Slippers. All kings and queens need something comfy to slip their paws into! These mouse slippers were fashioned out of all-natural loofah and are great for cleaning your kitties' teeth.

My cats will actually get so into playing with these that I see them go flying in the air etc.! They love using them!

Handmade Catnip filled Tea Bag by Mauve Moose. This was our extra instead of a treat this month. 

You can see in the pix below how are cats loved this!

Below are the pictures of the cats and their reactions to this box:

Puppy and Rascal 
Puppy and Rascal 
Puppy, Rascal, and Cassie in back all fighting for toys! 
Rascal in front, Puppy in middle with tea bag on back, Cassie in back. 
Puppy hoarding all the toys and Rascal and Cassie looking in the box to see if there's more. 
Cassie with the Safemade Fuzzy Fun ball. 
Puppy wants in on Cassie's action! 
Puppy hoarding all the toys and Rascal trying to get one or two even with the cone. 
Cassie manages to get a toy or two from Puppy but he doesn't look happy! 
Puppy in heaven with all the toys he's hoarding! 
Cassie trying to take a toy Puppy's hoarding.... 
Puppy getting a nip nip high from the tea bag 
Puppy loving the Keep Calm Pillow along with others 
Me calling puppy out on his hoarding of all the toys.... 
Puppy and his whole collection of the box!

So what are your thoughts? Any must haves for your furry friends? Leave comments below!

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