Friday, February 12, 2016

February KitNipBox!!

This month's theme is Guilty Pleasure and Indulgences!

Check after the jump for pix of products & our kitties reactions!

You can find the KitNip Box at their websitefacebooktwitterPinterest, and Instagram!
KitNipBox donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of animal welfare organizations each month.

Inside the Box: 

Purroni Kitty Beer Toy.  After a long hard day of chasing mice and batting balls, sometimes kitties need to kick back with their favorite beer!

I'm  not sure about y'all, but in person it looks really phallic. The cats do like to kick back with it though!

Delca Choco-Nip Bar Toy. Our catnip-filled choco-nip bar will have your clowder clamoring for their turn! Complete with crinkly foil, this indulgent toy is sure to delight!

Oh this toy delighted in our house alright! It's already been destroyed! That musta been some powerful catnip because it took less than 2 months for them to kill it. see evidence below:

Self-Cleaning Pet Brush.  Pamper your fur babies without the mess! This self-cleaning brush removes tufts of loose hair and undercoat in minutes!

OMG! I will get a product to use to comb or brush my cats and one or the other will hate it/attack it, etc. This one, all 3 cats love it and it is soooo easy to clean! The cats beg me to use this so they can scritch the sides of their mouths and get all the undercoat out. LOVE THIS!

Eco-Pup Handmade Rocket Kicker. Blast off! This organic, North American catnip kicker will have your fur children over the moon!

Our cats can't get enough of this one! Easy to pick up in the mouth to move around the house.

Delca Feather Teaser Wand. Flick and flutter this meowvelous toy, driving your kitties wild. This purr-ple and black wand is just the right size for some hands-on interactive fun with your cats!

We have to hid wand toys because our youngest gets very territorial with them! They loved this and I have pix below showing.

Mouse in  Ball Chase Toy. Watch as your fur kiddos try to catch the colorful, rattling mouse.  This two-in-one toy provides hours of exercise and fun.  Watch for your kitties' triumphant smiles when  they manage to get the mouse out of the ball!

Well, the mouse didn't stay in the toy long, but it wasn't the cats that got it out. I dropped it from my chair onto our wood floor and the mouse popped right out. No worries! They took the mouse and hid it and love playing soccer with the ball! Below is a pix of the mishap I did:

Smart Paw Mint Teething Ring. This was put in the box instead of a treat since we have requested we not get treats. 

All 3 cats love this and I keep finding it all over the house!

Below are pix of the cats reactions to the box:

All 3 cats Cassie in back, Rascal, and Puppy 
Cassie and Rascal 
Cassie and Rascal 
A satisfied Puppy!

So? Have I hooked y'all yet? What do you think? It is so worth the money! Feel free to comment below!

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