Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Introducing KitNip Box!

KitNip's December Box
 So, I saw an ad about this box on Facebook and since we had 2 cats and a kitten on the way we decided to give it a try since the first box deal was a Black Friday deal. As usual you will have to check after the jump to see what was in it and what I thought. This includes lots of adorable pictures of my cats including our new kitten Cassie!

You can find the KitNip Box at their website, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!
KitNipBox donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of animal welfare organizations each month.

So Inside was:

Puppy decided he couldn't wait and had to dig in:

 He found the Christmas Present and I couldn't get it away from him:
He took off with it!
  Here's pictures of each item that came in our box!

 This is Rascal and our new kitten Cassie Playing with the green stick toy!
 This is Puppy and Cassie hovering around the KitNip Box
 This is what the toy looked like after Puppy got ahold of it... I'm holding it by 2 fingers for a reason.. it was soaked and just... ick! that is a favorite toy of all 3 cats!
 Obviously Puppy doesn't care about it's current state... he still wants to play with it!
This is our 4 month old Cassie that we had just picked up a few days prior to receiving the box. She is sporting the Scarf we received in the box! I think this is our holiday photo!
 Here's another cute pose! 

So I have to say, our cats loved every single toy in the box! There's an option which we opted for to not get treats or food and get an extra toy instead.  We did this because our cats are Egyptian Maus and they have finicky digestive systems so I love that there was that option! 

For those wondering Puppy is an 11 almost 12 year old male, Rascal is a 4 year old male, and Cassie is a 4 month old female. Puppy and Rascal are related as they are cousins. Rascal and Cassie are related as Uncle and Niece.

If you have been thinking about if it was worth getting the kitnip box it is totally worth it! We got the multiple cat one and were very happy with it!

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