Friday, January 15, 2016

January KitNipBox!

This Months Theme is Health!

Check after the jump to see what all is in the box and how my cats reacted! 

You can find the KitNipBox at their websitefacebooktwitterPinterest, and Instagram!
KitNipBox donates a portion of its proceeds to a variety of animal welfare organizations each month.
Inside The Box: 

Multipet Catnip. Treat your fur babies to 100% all-natural, irresistible catnip, giving them that burst of energy they need to get their tails in gear for a great workout!

Yeah the cats knew this was in there before I opened the box! Awesome!

Handmade Catnip Band-Aid Kicker by Eco-Pup. Scrapes and boo- boos happen, but our handmade nippy Band-Aid kicker will remind your kitties to be extra safe when playing, so that they never have to wear one!

The cats went nuts with this! They still do! 

2016 Yoga Cat Calendar. Let our health-conscious Yogi-Cats help you keep track of important dates in your kitties' year, such as vet visits and KitNipBox deliveries, of course!

This is so adorable! Have to love it! Def helps us keep track of our packages!

Multipet Glitter Ball. Watch your kitties pounce, romp, and chase after this great toy, designed specifically to appeal to their natural instincts!

This is a fan in our house for the feather and there is a bell inside and they love bell balls!

Kitty Boinks. This interactive toy will provide hours of fun and joy. Use for solo play or to foster bonding between you and your fur kiddos!

This was a flop at our house. But, not all things are gonna be a hit everywhere! I just don't have the time right now to play with the kitties with these.

Handmade Heart Monitor Toy by MauveMouse.  This adorapurr handcrafted toy is stuffed with premium organic catnip and will quickly become your kitties' favorite!

I have to say this totally is a favorite in this house! So much so, we stick this in the carrier if we have to take one of our furries to the vet to try and calm them down and make them happy!

Handmade NoSoKitty Chill Pill Kicker.  Our kicker is the puurfect shape and size for cuddling and rolling around during playtime! We've filled it with all-natural fluff and catnip for extra allure!

I get all 3 of the kitties chasing this by tossing it around the family room and up to our 2nd floor via a balcony over the railing. It's the purrfect size for them to wrap their paws around to claim as theirs etc. 

HelloFresh Gift Card. Good for 3 free meals sent to you with all the pre-measured ingredients, the step by step instructions, and flexible weekly deliveries! Want to know more about it? Check out the link!

We actually have tried HelloFresh via a friend and loved it! It isn't something we can maintain right now due to our budget so this was a nice surprise! We got this because we have the option for treats out of our profile due to our finicky kitties tummies.

Following are the cats reactions to the box:

Puppy, Rascal, and Cassie 
Cassie in the box, Puppy behind, Rascal to the right 
Puppy, Cassie, Rascal 

 So, That's the January box and so worth the money! Our cats were having a field day from the moment the tape came off the box! What do y'all think? Something for your household? If I had to say? I would say go, go now! Go before they sell out!

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