Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Barielle December Box

Barielle's December 2015 box!

So yeah, Barielle has started doing the monthly subscription box arena!  This was their first and I gotta say I was kinda impressed! Well their deal was only $0.02 for the first one! Well, plus shipping. But hey! Look at all you got! Click the jump to find out my thoughts and see more pictures!

Nail Strengthener Creme!
Barielle Describes the Nail Strengthener as:
Everyday Nail Care For Healthier, Stronger Nails
*  Helps nails resis splits, peels & breaks
*  Use daily to maintain healthy nails    
*  Noticeable improvements in 3-4 weeks
*  Can be used over polish                    
Originally created to condition the hooves of million dollar, thoroughbred
racehorses, this trusted and legendary formula helps nails grow healthier and
stronger while resisting splits, peels, and breaks, May be used over nail enamel.
$10 on their site.

Mojito Madness

Barielle describes Mojito Madness as a Creamy Turquoise.
I have to say it is very bright and great for summertime.
$8.00 on their site

 Orange U Jealous

Barielle describes Orange U Jealous as a Burnt Orange with Gold Shimmer.
It's a bright/burnt orange I could also see in summer or down in Florida like Miami.
$8.00 on their site

 Secret Desire

Barielle describes Secret Desire as a Bright Creamy Iridescent Purple.
As with the other two I would suggest a neutral base color under this to bring the colors out the best. 
$8.00 on their site

Check back later when I am able to add swatches but I wanted to at least get this much of my review up. It's an interesting first box for $0.02 plus shipping. The one thing I loved was the way they have the box cut out to place the bottles in!  They are all pretty cool colors but if you know me, you know you can never go wrong sending me purple!!!!!! :)

Anyone else doing these boxes? what do you think?

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