Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Fibro Meme

01. Sometimes the bath water cannot be hot enough

02. I cannot do it all

03. Naps are better sideways on my select comfort bed

04. Sleep pants should be acceptable in all facets of life and able to be worn year round :)

05. Good audio books can be your best friend driving to and from pt and dr's appointments

06. No matter what you do you can have a flare

07. People with fibro make the best listeners

08. I know what it feels like to not have energy to eat{or shower, or go to the bathroom}

09. It does not go away

10. even my cats can hurt me just by walking on me or putting a paw on me

11. Showers can hurt

12. Deep sleep is NECESSARY yet rare

13. There are a 100,000 treatments but no cure

14. People do not understand

15. Either do I

16. Money is not THAT important

17. I have had this longer than I thought

18. It takes forever to be diagnosed

19. Winter is EVIL

20. Change of seasons can be extremely painful

21. Changes of temperature can cause problems too

22. Not all symptoms make sense

23. Writing about it can be helpful

24. Having people tell me what I SHOULD do when I don't ask, is NOT acceptable

25. Errands/chores need to be done in clumps of time

26. Life takes more energy than it should

27. Society does not accept illness when you cannot see it

28. My priorities have changed {and they keep changing}

29. I thought getting diagnosed was THE battle

30. My husband loves unconditionally and is wonderful at living in the moment

31. Negativity drains my energy

32. "Spoon" theory

33. I require organization

34. Time in bed goes by faster than when awake

35. Covers are necessary

36. Fans are a necessity in the bedroom and in my office

37. I do the BEST I can

38. I am a Highly Sensitive Person

39. I wish people could be more understanding

40. I need lots of quiet and calm

41. For a long time I pretended to be Healthy

42. I struggle with feeling useless

43. I have to always remind myself I am not

44. I want to share my experience with others so they feel they have understanding and support

45. Fibromyalgia is only part of who I am and what I have to offer

46. I feel frustrated when I can't do more

47. people love to make fun of fibro patients

48. I love to cross stitch, walk, & work on my yard, but now rarely have the energy to do it. *Sigh*

49. If i cancel my plans with you, don’t be mad, I already feel bad

50. When I’m in a flare, leave me alone in a dark room (but check in), it makes me feel good

51. Every evening is tough as that's when it hits me

52. Your friend with Fibro that has no pain doesn’t make me feel any better

53. “You should exercise” My work day is my exercise

54. Certain foods make me flare-up (ie) peppers of any kind, etc.

55. Yes, diet matters but in flare mode, all bets are off

56. When i’m tired, let me sleep

57. Because of Fibro, I get to spend more time with my husband

58. Bright lights, loud noise and too many smells over-load my senses and make me nauseous

59. I play hide and go seek with the elements, too cold, too rainy, too hot, too much sun

60. To you, car rides are joy rides. To me, they’re a painful roller coaster ride.

61. Going to the doctor makes me mad, it’s a reminder of my condition

62. I can get moody, you would be too if you were in pain all the time, be patient with me

63. I can tell your mood as soon you walk in the room because my Fibro/spidey-senses are tingling

64. There are no no-pain days but my low-pain days are my happy days

Feel free to copy and paste and edit for your own use.......

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