Sunday, September 30, 2012

September My Glam... er Ipsy bag

My Glam became Ipsy this month!

All the goods! Check after the jump for individual Pictures and my review!

Soho Smudge Brush
another brush.... hrm..... didn't they do one under their label? 

Jane Sparkle Gloss
cute but not really my color.

Circus by Andrea's Choice- Tightrope
we are 3 for 3 in a row of bags with Circus polish! This is the only real color I wanted.

Carol's Daughter- Monai Repairing Split End Sealer
I'll be keeping this amongst other hair products I have to give a go.

Mirabella eye Color
I actually liked this so I bought another one! They gave me 2 free samples to boot!

Ok, time to get serious. You know a company is in trouble if, within a year they change their name etc.  The name itself when said out loud makes me think someone is hiccuping or something. I have never seen another beauty box company stick the same brand of which they only have 5 colors total in 3 bags in a row.  If you go to the site for Circus polish it is available now, as a set.  So those of us that have 3 of 5 if we wanted another color we hadn't received, we would have to buy the whole set!  So, it is with a sigh I say that I am done with My Glam / Ipsy. 

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