Saturday, September 8, 2012

heads up!

I know I haven't done a lot of swatching posts lately so to make up for it, next week will be 5 days of Zoya! I'll be reviewing a trio of colors a day from the Gloss, Diva, and Designer collections! The 5th niece that was due in the next two weeks heart stopped in the womb so we drove up to Iowa for the funeral and I'm still having medical stuff galore going on. Hopefully sometime in the next 2 months I will have the hernia surgery we have been putting off and that will greatly help things!

I also have coming up in the plans posts comparing different companies magnetic polishes with their magnets as well as with magnets I bought with unique designs! Some of the polish lines that will be a part of it are Deborah Lippmann, Claire's, Sally Hansen, Ulta, and several others!

Thanks for sticking around! I promise things will be picking up! OH! I also did get the Butter London mentioned in the previous post so I'll do a review of that too! ;)

I have also been putting together a huge blog sale so keep your eyes open... there are 3 Urban Decay collections in it!


  1. So sorry about your little niece. How heartbreaking. :'(

    Can't wait to see the new BL!!

    1. thanks. she was beautiful. I can't wait til the new BL gets here :)