Saturday, July 14, 2012

June Glossy Box

This is June Glossy box that I received in July. The Ahava bottle was open and leaked over most things. I'll have more to say and individual pix of each product after the jump!

 Ahava Mineral Botanic Hibiscus and Fig Velvet Cream Wash

Formulated with rejuvenating dead sea minerals and soothing natural moisturizers, this velvety cream wash gives an extra hydration-boost with a sweet uplifting scent.

Well, as I posted, my Ahava bottle was open and it leaked all over.  I have heard from others that received theirs and the entire bottle had emptied out into their box. Something to take into mind is with the heat issues we have been having be careful how things are sent as you don't know how long they will be out in the heat etc.
 First Aid Beauty- Smooth Shave Cream

Smooth Shave Cream in a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave.  Keep your legs looking smooth and sexy all summer long.

Ironically enough, it's time for me to shave to I'm intrigued and will be trying this out.  nice sample size! 
 OFRA Cosmetics Eye Shadow ICE

Dab on this primer infused, color intensive, creamy eye shadow and stand out in any crowd.  Remain beautiful for your long summer adventures.

It's a really nice sized sample!  always willing to give new things a shot.
 vBeaute Lite up, Buying Time, and Eye Never

Give your face the treatment it deserves with this skin care trio including face serum, cream and eye gel.

Sorry for the blurry photo, still getting the studio together to be able to take the best photos. This trio sounds interesting but the samples are smaller than they appear.
Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment

Create free flowing hair with this lightweight treatment containing silk extract that instantly restores your mane.

Sorry for the blurry pix.  This also pictured bigger than reality. I'll add it to my hair tries. It's an eh for me whether it coulda been included or not.

A Perfume Organic- Urban Organic

Take a walk in the park with this delicious daytime fragrance.  The combination of lavender and grapefruit makes for a fresh and citric scent.

Sounds like a neat idea, but I have no sense of smell!  This will go into my samples giveaway drawer I suppose.

All in all, I would say I could get most of this at a store and given the problems people were having with one item leaking, for the amount you pay, I'm giving them 1 more box to impress me. If you'd like to try them, there is a link on the left side panel to click!  What do you guys think??

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