Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Hadn't cleaned it up completely but I love it and my husband said it's my best one yet! 
This is blurry on purpose just to show the star decals on my thumbs.
These are what I used.  there are close ups after the jump.

So how was every one else's holiday?  I slept the majority of it for some reason :)

A Englands Perceval and Order of the Garter along with Zoya's Purity! Links on the side to their sites!
  Essence Love Plate for the Star 
Iridescent Stars for the thumb detail 



  1. I wish I had that stamp plate, my own 4th mani would have gone like 20times faster!

    1. oh trust me... it took me quite some time to do this! because of the way my nail beds are situated I had to keep redoing it!