Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cravebox July/BBQ edition!

July Cravebox / BBQ Special Edition Box

Isn't this a cute way to do the july packaging?
 All The goodies!

love the way this was presented AND all the stuff in it! check after the jump for individual pix, descriptions and my thoughts!

 True Lemon Original Lemonade

Created from fresh lemons from the grove that are cold-pressed and crysallized to lock in their flavor.  follow them on twitter

I don't typical due iced tea or lemonade but my husband does and we are gonna give this a go within the next week!

BIC FlameDisk

The convenient charcoal alternative.  learn more at or Facebook

This is really cool! not very big and easy to carry to a bbq wherever you are going! since we don't have gas for our grill anymore etc.  maybe tonight I'll roast some marshmallows in our grill trying this! 

Mighty Leaf Tea. Sunburst Green Iced Tea

A cool and vibrant fresh brewed iced green tea with a light emerald hue.  Follow these guys on Twitter

This sounds really good and I can't wait til the hubby is up so we can try it! Being in the south I really do have to get more into iced tea :)

Mozaik Appetizer Ware

Stylish, durable, perfect for outdoor entertaining!

This alone made the box worth it! I love this! so cute and so easy to keep together etc.!

BIC Multipurpose Lighter

Durable, child-resistant(and sometimes adults ;) ) and essential to any out door grilling event. Learn more at:

We use these for fireworks etc. so I'm thrilled to be able to get another one for free!

All in all I loved the cravebox YET again :)  There was nothing to disappoint!  This is definitely a box I'm not willing to part with.  What do you guys think? Are you craving yet?  why not? tell them I sent ya! just click  Cravebox

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