Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Cravebox! A Taste of the Tropics!

Apparently, because the Cravebox has been sold out since its inception, a lot of people have asked me what it was when I mention it!  It is another subscription box that is $10 a month.  This is one that is more geared towards every day things to help with health, wellness, and beauty.

FYI they are having a Cravebox Taste of the Tripocs Twitter part tonight at 9PM EST!  RSVP (on their facebook page) for a chance to win.  http://bit.ly/Lvf7Kz

New To Twitter Parties?
No problem. Check out SheSpeaks' TweetGrid 101 Video http://bit.ly/r1vZeKand Twitter Party Tips and Hints http://bit.ly/oU4v4M. Then get ready to jump into the conversation!  Also, share your handle on their facebook page so they can say hello!

I was lucky enough to win one of the few May slots they had open after I thought I'd lost out so I was super excited waiting for it to show up!  I have to say, for $10, it is well worth the cost with what you get! Mine came yesterday and without further adieu I give you the May Cravebox!

 Opening the box! 
The goodies!
The Welcome Card!
Descriptions of the goodies!
Pix after the jump of each product and my thoughts!

Overall, I was very impressed and didn't find one thing I would't try or scoff at! That is a very good sign with me because I'm finicky :)  I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow because I know of at least one other box they did that was fantastic unlike other companies I have reviewed!  You can check them out via the link on the left side of my bog.

Enough for me AND the hubby to try! Can't wait!

This is a HUGE tub!  I will have to try just a little someplace first as I'm allergic to citrus stuff. I hope I am not allergic because this looks sooo goood to try! 

I can't try this at this time due to a contract with a foot care line study I'm doing, but my husband will and I'll definitely try it once this obligation is over. This too was a fairly nice sized amount too!

ohhhh I loooooove me some chocolate! I had to put it in the basement due to no A/C on the main floor.
I don't usually do tea, however this sounds really good! My husband does and loves honey so he's gonna give it a go too!

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