Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Essence Stampy Set and Plates

omg you guys! I've been searching for these forEVER! with the pictures I have seen online etc. I thought it was MUCH bigger than it actually is! That's why I wasn't seeing it! I wasn't looking for something so small! But, they are perfect for my fingers! You guys! These plates are literally like the size of a business card!  I'll show you some pictures:

 These were held with my thumb and first finger
Pix of the other plates I got.  I'll update later with a pix of it next to a business card.


  1. There's a bunch of Essence stamping supplies at my local Fred Meyer. I'm not really into nail art on myself, but these are so cute and affordable that I think I might give then a shot!

    1. AUUUUGH! see the east coast doesn't have Fred Meyer! Do me a favor and if you see any of the other plates (I think there are 10 in all) snag it and I can paypal you or whatever. feel free to e-mail me at (remove the .'s around the @ sign... bot disabler :) )