Monday, June 4, 2012

Ask Tips for Toes Toenail Challenge Week 3 update!

I know, I've been adding more and more days in a week.  I'm sorry!  I am extremely sick with anemia and other stuff I have to have a catscan for tomorrow.

With what I was able to do this week, The nails have pretty much completely gone to a more natural color!  I'm not cutting up my sheets!  Even the pinkie toe on the right is almost a natural color!  I'm loving this stuff and really appreciate ASK letting me participate in this! I have a lot of cool colors I can't wait til the end to see just what my nails can become!

I'll do a page cut just to be nice to you guys for the pix :)

 Both 06/04/2012 
Right 06/04/2012
Left 06/04/2012

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