Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ask Tips for Toes Challenge Update

I've been battling some serious health stuff so my toes kinda fell by the way side but DAYUM they are really changing!

As you can see there has been major growth on both feet! the nails are such a natural color! I'm almost to the point of not caring if my nails are painted or not because they don't look nearly as bad as they did when I started this!  I'm now hyper vigilant about making sure I get it on the toes several times a day :) I love going around barefoot and even more so now!

I'll be putting the pix after the jump for peeps that don't want to see them :)  if you wanna see the change, check out the jump!

Both 06/24/2012 
Right 06/24/2012
Left 06/24/2012

1 comment:

  1. This is really working for you, keep at it!

    Next step to the salon to get them shaped and painted, right? That is always nice and fun!!!

    Good job!