Monday, December 19, 2011

Julep Maven misleading!

y'all know I dropped the program after 1 box and tried another deal later but because I had already had an introductory box I couldn't take advantage of any other deals being sent to my inbox.  I thought at that time they were being misleading.  Turns out they have really done it this time.  Those that went in on the $.01 deal, if you don't cancel before the 27th, you will be charged $19.99.  It is considered an introductory box and if you have tried before like I and decided to give it another go with this, it won't happen.  They should drop the program and just sell their polishes. Quit deceiving people!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out .


  1. When joining the Maven Box subscription, you are allowed only 1 promo, even if you quit and try to come back. Clearly states everywhere on their site. When you first sign up you get your introductory box and depending on when you get it, you receive an email for the next months box around the 20th and you have till the 25th to skip it or quit the program. If you don't respond you will be charged the $19.99 and they will send you your style box for that month. Once again, it clearly states that just about everywhere if you read the terms of service and your emails. The $19.99 you are being charged for is the next months box, NOT your 1 cent introductory box. Sounds like you are just pissed cuz you didn't cancel in time and get all your stuff for free. Maybe next time you should read all the Terms of Service before signing up for something. Sorry, your error, not Juleps.

  2. guess what? I didn't try and do any deal. I tried a few months ago to restart and found out about their policy and was fine with that. I found out how to quit getting the e-mails with promotions etc. I have paid for and received 1 box back in august/september. I know people that tried so that is why I made this post as a clarification. I know of at least 1 loyal customer of theirs that has taken advantage of many of their promos by using different e-mail addresses and the like.

    I made this post to TELL people to READ THE FINE PRINT so they wouldn't get screwed. It simply fills everyone in so they think twice before trying to do another deal as it will get canceled etc.

    No sour grapes here. just education. and fyi I have never gotten anything from Julep for free. I was one of those initial mavens when they did have screw ups going on and decided it wasn't meant for me. Thanks for the 411 though!

  3. I just did the $0.01 promo and got my first box I was pretty impressed but surprised that I'd be charged (a week after I had initially ordered) for the next month. I could lucky and read just in time to skip. I for one could have saved a close call by having read this before! I do plan to continue with the subscription but DEC was definitely not the month to do it lol
    Thanks for the helpful post!!!