Saturday, December 24, 2011

A England's Perceval and Lady of the Lake!

When I put this on I was in heaven! This is A England's Perceval.  I haven't really been a fan of reds before but this one went on like silk and only 1 coat needed! Heavenly!

This is A England's Lady of the Lake which I have been wanting for sooooo long! This too went on soo easily  and depending on the light you can see all sorts of things.  When I had my hand in the sun as it was setting you could see the reflective holographic type part of the polish.  I wasn't able to capture it though!  

I'm totally in love of both and have my eyes on sooo many more! You can find A England here or on Llarowe.  They typically run $12-$14 but it is sooo worth it!

*These were provided to me for review with no compensation and are 100% my own views of the colors!


  1. So cute... I want some A England!!

  2. I got my first one on Halloween because LLarowe was having a contest and those that didn't win got a 50% off 1 polish on her site. I've been wanting them forever! So I now have these two and Tristam. Love these!