Monday, December 26, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy!

This is Essential Emerald and it goes on so nice and smooth!

Resolution Red Glitter was my favorite out of this collection! It finishes as a matte too!

Revive Rube Red was so silky going on and only needed 1 coat!

Serene Silver Glitter is such a great color! it has tiny green & red spects in it too!
It finishes as a matte!

This is Passionate Purple and I found it to be more of a berry color. loved it so much!

So you can find Dr.'s Remedy here. They run b/w $14-$17 and are sooo worth it! They are great for your nails and kids! toxin free so you can use them if you are pregnant!  Go check them out here!
*These were provided to me for review with no compensation and are 100% my own views of the colors!

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