Friday, May 15, 2015

Zoya Buy 3 get 3 Surprise Deal Part 2 of 2

The Get 3 Part :)

Zoya had a deal back in January where you buy 3 colors and you get 3 minis but you had no idea what you are getting until they shipped.  So I bought Prim, Emilia, and Haven! I showed them in this post last week. I will be showing the other 3 colors: Anais, Charlott, and Severine this week after the jump! OH! As a special surprise stay tuned because Zoya read my post last week & I'll be having a 2 more review posts coming up shortly.... not going to tell you what of yet! gonna have to come back to find out! Now on to the Swatches! Keep in mind these were miniature bottles and they were a special collection selected by Creative Director, Rebecca Isa, as perfect transitional shades never before available for purchase & not part of the regular collection!

Check after the jump for more pix and my review!
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(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

So because Zoya sent these as a surprise and they aren't on the site, there's no description from them on what they describe this color of like I usually have I'll have to come up with one :) I think she' was going for a classic black you could have for any occasion and I think she hit it dead on! You could put a matte finish on it, a clear coat on it , dress it up with jewels etc. depending on the occasion! It comes out as a smokey black. I understand her reason behind the trio and love this black!


(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

So this is an off white/ cream color. It's very appropriate for the office or you could use it to move into evening dressing it up with water decals, stamping, jewels, etc. Sorry it wouldn't set right on my nails!


(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

This is an AWESOME gold! It's more more of an antique gold in person and not in direct sunlight. This is my most favorite gold of any I have ever tried from any brand! (sorry Zoya!) So many different ways to dress it up or down and wear it!

Rebecca Isa hit the nail (finger nail?) on the head when she came up with this trio! If you need a travel kit with some must haves to have on the fly these 3 would totes be in mine! What do y'all think?

What do you think is coming up? Stick around to find out!

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