Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zoya Buy 3 get 3 Surprise Deal Part 1 of 2

The Buy 3 Part :)

Zoya had a deal back in February where you buy 3 colors and you get 3 minis but you have no idea what you are getting until they shipped.  So I bought Prim, Emilia, and Haven! OMG I love the colors and will be showing you them after the jump. I will be showing the other 3 colors next week in a separate post.

I want to say I know a lot of you have missed my posts and I'm sorry. I never knew when I walked into the dr.'s office on 12/30/2013 what I was in for. They told me that had I waited 3 more days I would have been dead. Literally. I had blood clots filling both lungs, one in my right atrium, and one 13 cm one in my lower vena cava vein along my belly. I stayed in one hospital a little over a week before they had a bed for me at UNC where they transferred me to do surgical procedures to take care of the clot in my belly as apparently if I moved it could have killed me. They didn't want me out of bed or ANYTHING! 

I ended up staying in the hospital a total of 20 days. I had to let go of my job with the census bureau because I was told it was work and die or live. My final diagnosis is right side heart failure and I have to have oxygen with me 24/7. This made me fall behind on my reviews and I lost my spot with Zoya because of it. 

I have been doing a lot of work over the last year to get stronger and not rely on the oxygen etc. and I am hoping to prove to Zoya over the next month that I deserve back on their media list because I'd been on it for years and was one of the very few that reviewed every single color in every single collection they sent me compared to a lot of people who only picked one or two etc. 

I am planning to swatch every single bottle I have left to swatch that I haven't swatched that they have sent me. I still have them set aside and will be doing them as soon as these two set of 3 are done. I wanted to do more recent colors first as I did last year prior to being cut without being notified. 

While I'm still sick, I'm stronger and better and back to doing what I was before. So, if you want to see me doing Zoya reviews again, let them know! tweet them, comment on this one or any posts after this one I do. Thanks guys!

Now on to the Gorgeous pictures and thoughts!


(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

Zoya describes Prim as a velvet blue metallic with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application.

Well, as you can see for the most part that's true. Not sure what happened with the thumb :) I love this blue! It's like a cornflower blue! SO PRETTY!!!!! So glad I bought it!


(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

Zoya describe Emilia as a full-coverage, dark chocolate cream, pair with any of the other Natural 2 Collection shades for a chic tone-on-tone Fall look!

I chose Emilia as one of my 3 because I thought it would go well with my skin color and I was so right! I love it!!!!  Fall can't come soon enough for me to use it! I love dark chocolate candy so I'm not surprised I love this color!


(Next 3 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 3 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

Zoya describes Haven as a true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid to ensure brilliance.
Boy does it ever! I just colored my hair and this goes perfectly with it! It looks so different out in the sunlight versus inside the house! That's why I like to do the comparison to show you!

I have so happy with the 3 I was able to buy!  What do you guys think? Do you think I'm back to my old self and should be given another chance? What do you think of the colors I chose? throw me some comments! I'll be starting the giveaways soon as I am catching up on the swatching for Zoya :)

Thank you everyone for your patience and well wishes!

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