Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Back to School Cravebox!

Introducing Cravebox's Back to School Box!
Cool opening as usual!

The goodies!
Check out after the jump for each part pictured individually and reviewed!

Children's Oral Antiseptic Spray from Halo!
Protection From the Air You Share!
The first-ever, oral antiseptic spray proven to kill 99.9% of common infectious airborne germs you breathe in for up to six hours.  In Several different flavors! Alcohol-, dye- and sugar-free.
I don't have lil ones so I'll be passing this along to my neighbors that can use it!

Aloe Vera Gel from Fruit of the Earth.
Made with the most concentrated amount of fresh Aloe Veraleaves on the market, this cooling gel forms a protective barrier that helps retain moisture and promote healing.
Holy bottle of aloe vera batman! This thing is huge! Great idea!

Slim Packs from Kleenex.  
Thin and sleek, so you can always keep a tissue on hand.  Their trendy design makes it the perfect accessory for hip kids, while their convenient size make it easy to slide them into pockets, back packs and bags.
I love these! I can keep this in my purse a lot better than the typical packages of pocket tissues!

Yummi Bears childrens vitamins with DHA/Omega 3
From Hero Nutritionals, the original, #1 nutritionist-recommended Gummy Vitamin.  Supports your child's healthy brain and eye develeopment. Allergen-, gluten- and dairy free.
I don't have lil ones myself but I'm sure I can find a neighbor that would appreciate this!

Little Pim, the #1 early language learning system, featuring the award-winning Entertainment Immersion Method.
Give your child the gift of language at the age they learn it best!
This is soooo cool! All my nieces are too old for this so I think I'll see if a neighbor can use it!

The BIC Atlantis Ball Pen, for super smooth writing with a contoured grips, and BIC Atlantis Mechanical Pencil, with cushioned tips for less breakage.Both in fun, bright colors!
OMG! I ♥ office/school supplies! I have used these and ♥ them!!!

Have you tried Cravebox yet?  If not, WHY NOT?? 

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