Monday, October 1, 2012

Magnetic Polishes... you decide!

OK, so I went a bit cray cray with this trend.... but I did it all for you! I have a WIDE variety of brands, colors, magnet shapes etc.  All you have to do is respond in the comments what you'd like to see swatched using the tags I have given them.  Any color with any magnet!  Here's all the polish:

Check after the jump for the close ups to gimme your requests!

Sally Hansen Graphite Gravity (the cap shows the design)

Color Club Magnetic Force (the cap shows the design)

Deborah Lippmann mini trio of Magic Man, Pink Princess, and Hard Knock Life. (design on lid)

Nabi Cinnamon and Blackberry
Nabi 1 and Nabi 2
Claire's Green, Gold, Blue

Claires tops

 Finger Paints Electro Midnight, Hypnotic, Steel of the Night (cap shows design)

SNB 1226, 1227, 1255

Orly Opposites Attrack 

Ulta Purple, Blue, Pink, Silver

Magnetix Blue and Green and magnets red and black

Purple import and chevron design

LED 040, 036, 015, Horizontal and Parallel magnets

China Glaze Magnet 1,2,3 

Magnets pink 1, pink 2, pink 3, heart

Magnetic Design Tower Stand

 Stand 1, 2 or 3

SOOOOOO.... What would you like to see? I will do each request in a new blog post!  Coming up soon is a giveaway of the gold flecks trio from Zoya when it arrives at my house :)


  1. I'm most interested in the polishes I haven't seen yet--SNB & LED & that purple import. You've got some interesting magnets I haven't come across, too.