Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stampin Sunday!

So in one of my groups on Facebook we have what's called Stampin Sunday.  This was my first attempt at a full nail design. It didn't work well with my ring and pinkie fingers because they are bent at the knuckle so it makes it tough. It also didn't help that when I went to pick up the darker color bottle to move it I had forgotten the cap wasn't on tight so it slipped from my grip and splashed on those last 2 nails but fortunately not much at all spilled! You can look real close and tell I cleaned off the darker splash.  So anyway onto the pix:

I used SH 25 (shany) the one up top on the left.



Hopefully I will be playing more and be better as it goes! The challenge was we could only use blues. The bottles pictured are a little darker than in real life. They were against a box and the flap above flipped over and shaded it. Still setting up the studio but it's almost done! Bill put the other helmer together last night!  SOOOO excited!!!!  Have a good week all! Off to do my super bowl mani :)

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