Saturday, February 18, 2012

Barry M Indigo!

Anyone that knows me, knows I've been trying forever to get this color! I bought it and 6 others off e-bay and they arrived this week.  OMG I LOVE IT!  So does my husband!

Up Close

Further away to let light show different shade

Stick around because tomorrow is stamping Sunday again and this week we had to use a plate ending in the #3! I knew I wanted to use another color on this so I went ahead and found some plates ending in 3 and can't wait to show you the results tomorrow!


  1. Indigo is just perfect, isn't it. :D I love it too.

  2. omg I can't stop lookin at my nails :) especially after the stamping :) wait til you see what I was able to do with my tiny ass funky finger nails!