Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winterizing Your Nails

I was asked recently by Julep what it is I do to winterize my nails! I never had really thought about what I do because I don't have very big nail beds etc. but I'll show you all the tools I do use to keep my nails healthy and ready to be able to paint etc.  But first, I wanna show you some swatches Julep sent me that I fell in love with:

The only color I think wouldn't work with my skin tone is Shari BUT I could see doing cute pairings and designs with all 5! If you would like to check out all of Juleps colors they now have a page you can go to! The Julep Polish Page has all the must have colors and all your old favorites!

Here is the way they suggest Winterizing your nails:

tutorial and pix courtesy of Julep

Check after the jump for what I personally use that come in these two bags:  

Used at Home

In my Purse
For home:

I use Zoya+ remover as it is the best remover on the market! It gets glitter off no problem! It gets your worst problem nails that are stuck on off! I give it to all of my friends and family!

I use the ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen because well for one it is $1! But, more importantly, it heals things so quickly! When I have giveaways, these are one of the things I add into the package :)

I use Neosporin the clear formula along with the ELF pen and b/w the two my nail beds stay so nice! I also will use some form of Aveeno if my hands get dried out but these two are my top two.

Incoco sent me a really cool kit a while back and this clipper set was in it. It is the best nail clipper I have ever had! You can snip the smallest bit you need to and not name things uneven etc. I am so grateful to them for sending these to me! I actually keep them in my purse mani kit so I have them no matter where I am!

I get this either at Walgreens or Eckerds and it is another thing I include in my giveaway prize packs. Its a great cuticle stick and I love using it to help get polish off the edges when swatching etc. 

 I also get this from either Walgreens or Eckerds and include it in giveaway prize packs. It is a 4 step system that makes my nails perfectly ready for polish every time! When I find these I stock up on them because they are a great price and are so great!

In My Purse Kit:

This is Butter London's mini Mani kit in a metal tin. It is a dotting tool, a small brush, and a clean up tool.

This is a mini cuticle stick that was included in the kit I got from Incoco! I so love them! It fits in the BL tin and I love using it!

 This is my mini Cult Nails Glass Nail File.  I have a full size glass file in my home kit as well. Most of the time I prefer to use the nail cutter because that is better for your nails. If you use a file, go in one direction.

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