Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Need Polish?

Well, I happen to be purging a huge amount of my stash currently on ebay. These are all ones I haven't even used! I have over 50 up currently and haven't even gotten into my OPI's, Revlons, etc. What I do have up are more Funky Fingers, a ton of Cult Nails, some Julep, Illamasqua, etc. If you are buying a bunch, when you are done saying yes to the auctions, don't pay! Wait for me to invoice you because I will combine the shipping and give you a better price.  If you go ahead and pay I won't go back and combine the shipping pricing etc. It says it all over my auctions as well. you can get my ebay page here.

I did the pricing based on what ebay suggested not just some numbers pulled out of the air etc. They said that's what particular things were being listed at and going for at the time so I went with it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me before you bid/buy because once you do you are committed.

I am working on blog posts you will really enjoy that will be coming soon! there will even be giveaways! So keep your eyes peeled and if you have not seen how giveaways have been done in the past you might want to brush up on them! They come out of nowhere and there are ways you can earn more entries prior to them beginning!

Peace and love!

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