Monday, July 15, 2013

Incoco's Love and Liberty!

Hi there! I recently received a gift certificate from a company by the name of Incoco via facebook! They are I believe the original company that started the real nail polish strip appliques.  If I sent gift certificates to friends I was able to up it to $10 off I believe.  So I ended up getting three of their sets: into the deep which is a deep blue design set for my feet, Royalty pedicure which is a basic purple... you know me and purple :), and lastly the one I will review for you today love and liberty which I got for my nails for the 4th of July!

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please check after the jump for pictures and my review!
Incoco's Love and Liberty!

So I wasn't thinking and was so excited I forgot to take a pix of the package before rip rip tear tear and starting to do the kit! I was just so excited to play!  At least I was able to get a snap shot of some of the strips! 

SoThis is how they came.  You remove them from the tab and fit them to the nails as you see fit.

They included this nail shaper and wood stick is to help with placing or moving it around and replacing it around until you are satisfied.  You can use the shaper to rub off the excess on the edges etc,to make it look perfect!

They were VERY easy to apply even with my tiny nails! I just trimmed them down first and I have to say for my first time I was really impressed! My mother-in-law asked me how I was able to get the hearts painted on my nails etc. :)  Everyone I showed them to loved them! I could give my cat scritches and they stayed on no problem! 

Needless to say I love their stuff!!!!!  Even my husband was impressed with them! He couldn't believe it was really nail polish! I can't wait to get my pedicure ones on!  :)

What do you guys think?  Something you have tried? good, bad, no experiences?

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