Friday, June 7, 2013

Lady Bug Spill Proof Nail Polish Holder

This thing is so fun to use! I saw it earlier this year or at the end of last year on Amazon before it was put into a contract with Taylor Gifts but they has to take it down before I could get it due to the contract pending and had to wait for it to show up on Taylor Gifts :) So I ordered it last month cuz I was at the very bottom of my tips for toes bottle and am addicted to the stuff! This holder can let you position your bottle in the way you need to to get the very last drop out of each bottle without any spilling out!

The next photos will show how I have been positioning the bottle and the holder to be able to utilize the last drops of my fav products!

This shows using the bottom black dot on the back & the bottle is tilted all the way down held in.

This shows you just how little is left in the bottle and the top part of the holder itself.  The red part does pop off easily if need be and the sponge part can come out as well. I blacked out the stuff around the 2 products to take away any focus from them :)

I have tried using that stupid hair clip type thing seen here and that just doesn't work.  You can't use it for heavy bottles, oddly shaped bottles, etc.  The Lady Bug holder however, holds all shapes, sizes, weights, etc. and never spills! I absolutely love it and recommend it!  you can get it at Taylor Gifts (click the link to go directly to it) for $12.98 plus shipping and handling!  Trust me, in the long run it saves you so much money compared to trying others and getting frustrated then buying another and so on and so on!  two thumbs up from this gal! 

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