Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 4 of 6 days of the Zoya Lovely Collection!

Day 4 of 6 days of Lovely!

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Today's review is Zoya Blu!

Zoya describes Blu as a full-coverage, soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish.  A dreamy, calming blue that's both fun and flattering on the nails.

This is a GREAT Easter color!  This too I could see as a Disney Princess color :)  I couldn't stop looking at my hand with this on.  As you can see from the pictures, depending on the lighting you get such varied looks!  The bottle on it's own was directly in the sun and the rest was just natural light. This is my favorite blue from Zoya!

What do you guys think of this color?  What do you think on the others in the collection?  I have 2 left and then I will review the Pixie Dust Collection! It just arrived on Thursday! 

In fact, I was outside talking to someone when Fedex pulled up so I was all ready for the delivery!  The guy comes up the front steps to the flat area prior to the steps up by the front door and I look at him and exclaimed excitedly "I  KNOW WHAT THAT IS!"  He looked at me with a fun look on his face and said, "You look a little too excited I think I'll come back later!  Just Kidding!"  I have to say he's my favorite Fedex delivery person because he actually rings our bell and is so nice compared to others we have had.

Don't forget that if you were a subscriber prior to the start of my giveaway you can still enter daily for more entries to try and win the sealed LE "Gilty Pleasures" gift box!

You can find this collection on You can also find Zoya on Facebook and Twitter!

*These were all taken with my Nikon D80.
**Product was sent for review but in no way affected my review as it is 100% my own!

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