Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hey Guys! check it out!

So I decided to add a few more prizes to the giveaway!  You can click on the icon in the right corner above my pix to get back to the blog post!  I decided since there are already SOOO many entries I would add some more.  I added on a set of 4 playboy polishes with matching lip gloss and a magnetic polish with 3 magnets! I'd asked you to let me know what you'd rather and I've updated that! if it won't let you change please leave a comment.

Good luck to all and thanks so much for all your support and suggestions!

I will say makeup tutorials may not be on this one because I don't currently really wear it but am planning to start so maybe as I do I'll include my attempts to play with make up! :)

I am almost done photographing my stash (each bottle individually) and water marking them! Once I'm done I will be slamming y'all with swatching and designs etc! Mind you the stash is over 400 bottles! I also have been cataloging them here on my blog and will be double checking it and adding things like images of my plate stash etc.

Thanks so much! Enjoy the giveaway and good luck!

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  1. I'm glad I found your blog. It's FUN!! :-))
    I don't have a twitter account though, so I can't unlock the other options to enter your giveaway but that's cool. I'm enjoying your blog anyway! :-))