Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nail Mail Haul!

          Anabanana Mail                                                                           Jesi Mail


                                                Bootie Babe for review!

                                              Ebay Nail Kit

Ebay Pooh Bear etc. Plates                                              Shany 2012 set from Amazon

OPI GITD                                                                                 Zoya Haul!
                                                                                       Happi, Barbie, Mimi, Twila, Noel, Kissy, Izzy, Rina, Holly, Cynthia, Sweet, Tallulah

240 images from Ebay

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this stuff up! Ana thanks for the candy corn man! Jesi thanks so much for everything! love it all!  So the zoya's are from the recent get 2 free just pay shipping X2 since my husband and I both have accounts with them, and buy 2 get 2 free X2 same reason.  These deals all came out on Halloween. Zoya's latest collection Feel is now available for sale at . I have done the Bootie Babe swatches and will be doing that review as soon as this is posted!  and Sarah Smith you are EBIL! looky at all these plates you made me get!!!!

urls to the places I bought things on e-bay and amazon: - shany plates - Apple Nail Kit - Lot of 240 images - the octagonal plates

Peace and love!


  1. Nice stash sweetie! I wish i could buy the shany plates...but they dont sell them outside the uk...sniff


  2. Is that they won't sell to the UK or they ship in the UK? I live in the US and got them no problem. I updated the post with links to the places I got them from.

  3. Yay Im glad you got it!!! woot woot. Happy Birthday.

  4. They wont ship or sell to the uk =-/I tried =-/

  5. woooooow nice! i know you are going to enjoy yourself doing your nails now!

  6. Aww yay! I'm so glad it all got there safely. Happy Birthday hun, xo!