Tuesday, November 29, 2011

50 follower/holiday giveaway!

So I can't do much right now but saw these and thought it was cool! There will be 2 winners! Each will win a red glitter snowman and whoever gets back first to me will get to choose which box they want and then the 2nd one will get the other! This will officially start at midnight on 11/29 and end 12:01 am 12/05 EST. Each has 4 polishes and 40 nail gems. (20 hearts 20 stars)


Red, Purple, & Green Glitter, Pink        Red, Multicolor, &White Glitter, Pink

please excuse blurriness, I have shaky hands.


  1. hey Jeanne..just followed u!! <3

  2. Oh, Thanks so much! I just saw that I won! I'm excited indeed!