Saturday, October 15, 2011

Infant Loss and Awareness Day

So not a lot of people know about this.  I learned about this because of a sweet woman Liz aka Nothing But Nail Polish. She lost her son Eli and I've been trying to do a mani for him for a while so I did my mani for today in his honor.  I'm sorry the picture quality sux but it's also hard to see the decal on the color I chose. The link above is to Liz's post for today.  I got the same decals she did from the same place. She has a link to the Ebay person that has all sorts of cool decals!  Seche Vite also wasn't nice to my mani so that's why it looks so jack.  Anyway, it's the thought that counts....

So I used Ulta's Bam Blue-zled for the base and a pink from Color Workshop that I received actually from my sekwit punkin!  The intent was to do a design with the pink but it wasn't showing up so instead I did dotting and well, with shaky hands this is how it turned out. I wanted the thumbs also to just have the tips with the pink dots and the design.  They at least turned out ok :)  So Liz, this is my mani dedicated to your beautiful little angel Eli.

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