Friday, October 31, 2014

SinfulColors Wicked Color for Halloween 2014!


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$1.99 exclusively at Walgreens & Target stores in October 2014
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Cauldron Couture and Black on Black

(Next 4 taken outside with my Nikon D80)


(Next 4 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

SinfulColors describes Cauldron Couture as Wickedly glittery emerald.  I totally agree with that! It is a ton of green glitter in clear suspension but it doesn’t take long to dry AT all! I really loved this top coat!

SinfulColors describes Black on Black as Dark-as-night black. I’d have to disagree because it started turning into a chocolatey color the more I worked with it as you will see in the pictures. Don’t get me wrong I loved it but it was more a chocolate on my nails with the top coat than black.  Fyi I always put a base coat and a coat of white down before I put a dark color on my nails so they don’t bleed into my nails.

Glow in the Dark and Let’s Talk

(Next 4 taken outside with my Nikon D80)

(Next 4 taken inside with my Nikon D80)

SinfulColors describes Glow in the Dark as Ghoulishly.  I think it’s neat in the bottle and very strong in the bottle. However, once out of the bottle, it doesn’t last long on the nails as some others I have tried previously. There could be various reasons for this though. I will have to test a few more things. I only had a few fingers done with it. Glow in the darks work best with a coat of white under them, etc. I’ll keep trying!  I did manage to capture the bottle as you can see in the pictures!

SinfulColors describes Let’s Talk as a royal purple hue and I am in heaven with it! I absolutely LOVE this color!!!!! I love anything purple but still! As you can see from the one photo I ended up trying to do some fingers without the glow in the dark to see if we can capture the glow in the dark vs. not and I wasn’t able to capture it.  Obviously you can’t tell in the light when the glow in the dark is on but it dulled the beautiful shine this color has on its own! I again thought it best to put a coat of white under this color just in case and man I think that made it shine even more!

I wasn’t paid for this review or sent the bottles; I did this on my own. It’s 100% my own opinion. I overall love playing with all 4 colors and can’t wait to play with other ones I still need to now that my nails are doing better even if I’m not J  what do you guys think?

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